Velvety matte or preciously glossy

Ceramic Effect for all surfaces

Ceramic Effect is a highly pigmented paint you can use to transform surfaces and decorative elements into a fine matte ceramic look. If yo sand the object after drying, it becomes velvety matte. An additional treatment with Premium Clear Coat gives it a precious gloss.

  • water basedfor absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
  • for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
  • Drying time per coat approx. 30 minutes, depending on coat thickness
  • high coverage
  • for stenciling
  • weather-proof

Ceramic Effect preparation: 
Stir well before use! Surfaces must be free of dust and grease.

Ceramic Effect processing: 
A first coat is dabbed on thinly, using a sponge. Let it dry for about half an hour. Thereafter, dab on a second thin coat and also let it dry.

Lightly sand the paint after drying to create a nice smooth surface. For stenciling, put down a stencil and spread the motif on with Ceramic Effect (using a spatula or brush). Remove and clean the stencil immediately.

Unevenness of the surface motif may be lightly sanded to smooth if needed.

You can treat the object further with other materials, such as Inka-Gold, Blackboard Lacquer. Ceramic Effect can be plastered, painted, spotted, or stenciled. It dries smudge-proof and is weather-resistant.

Tip: If you like it glossy, apply Premium Clear Coat to the dried object.

Eis-Effekt Farbpalette

  • 100-weiss100-weiss
  • 905-holo905-holo


Several layers give the look!

Patina WaxX

Decorative wax for vintage effect. To create a perfect vintage look, different Patina WaxX paints are layered in the design. We have put together different colored combinations for you in two sets, "Vintage Garden" and "Vintage Ocean."

  • water-based
  • Protection against moisture
  • Finish for designed surfaces

Patina WaxX processing:
Wipe different colors onto part of the surface and let dry briefly.

Wipe or dab on several layers from light to dark or from dark to light and let dry. The different colored layers create the perfect vintage look.

Patina WaxX color palette
  • 200-Yellow200-Yellow
  • 401-Coral401-Coral
  • 450-Brown450-Brown
  • 600-Blue600-Blue

  • 700-Green700-Green
  • 801-Grey801-Grey

Set colors "Vintage Ocean"

  • 200-Yellow200-Yellow
  • 450-Brown450-Brown
  • 600-Blue600-Blue

Set colors "Vintage Garden"

  • 401-Coral401-Coral
  • 700-Green700-Green
  • 801-Grey801-Grey

Decoupage Glue + Varnish

Perfect for collages

Transparent paper glue and varnish with a glossy finish; suitable for decoupage and decopatch technique, collages, mixed media, etc. Suitable for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, such as wood, papier-mâché, MDF, canvas, terracotta, and glass.

  • water-based
  • quick-drying
  • smudge proof surface

Stir well before use!

First apply the Decoupage Glue + Varnish to the surface with a soft flat brush. Place the paper in the wet glue and coat it again with the Decoupage Glue + Varnish, then let dry.

Depending on the use of the surface, apply several times more. After each application, allow to dry for approx. 20 min.

If a matt surface finish is desired, Viva Decor Clear Coat „Matt“ may be applied thinly as a last coat.



Photo Transfer Medium

Preserve your memories!

Laser printer printouts and copies are transferred to smooth surfaces with the Photo Transfer Medium and then coated with Premium Clear Coat.

  • water-based
  • weatherproof after coating

Processing:Use laser printouts or laser copies. Coat the selected surface and the image side with a soft flat brush and place together quickly. Press the image against the surface evenly, using a squeegee or the like.

Let dry for 24 hours or dry with hairdryer for 10 min. Moisten paper layer with a sponge and rub away the wet paper fibres.

After drying, coat with Viva Decor Premium Clear Coat.



Premium Clear Coat

... water-based!

Premium Clear Coat with excellent flow properties for clear varnish of absorbent and non-absorbent substrates, such as cardboard, wood, glass, metal, stone. Applied to any weatherproof paints and pastes, the Premium Clear Coat creates a weather-resistant protective film. Dries quickly and clear. Not suitable for painting of readily water-soluble surfaces and paint applications (e.g., watercolours).

  • solvent-free, water-based
  • weather-resistant
  • scratch-resistant
  • non-fading
  • excellent flow properties

Product preparation 
Stir well before use!

Processing Premium Clear Coat, glossy
Mit einem flachen, weichen Synthetikpinsel satt auftragen. Bei mehrmaligem Auftrag, die jeweils einzelnen Schichten trocknen lassen! Pinsel nach Gebrauch einfach mit Wasser reinigen.

Processing Premium Clear Coat, matt
Make sure to stir thoroughly before each use.
Apply thinly with a flat, soft synthetic brush. If applying multiple coats, make sure to allow each individual coat to dry between applications. Simply clean brush with water after use.



Candle Transfer Wax

DIY motif candles

To ensure that Christmas time glows in the right light, candles must be part of every decoration.

Ideally, everyday candles are first colored (e.g., with Inka Gold or Wax Pen) and then - as the finishing touch - decorated with lettering and photos.

We have specifically developed the new Candle Transfer Wax for just that purpose. An additional protective lacquer for the candle is not required since both products are wax-based. The self-designed ornaments can be therefore be burned without worry, albeit with regret.


Candle Transfer Wax

  • is water-based
  • burns without residue


  • Stir well before use
  • Protect containers from frost and heat

Use mirrored laser printouts or laser copies (no inkjet printouts). Coat the candle and the back of the image with a soft flat brush. Press the image against the candles evenly, using a squeegee or the like, and allow to dry for 24 hours.

After the drying time, soak the paper layer with a sponge and rub away the wet paper fibers.

Then apply candle transfer wax again to seal the motif.





Chalky Vintage -Look is a silky matt paint finish for decorating in the Shabby Chic look we mentioned. Furniture which has passed its best or flea market objects take on a pretty, romantic, magical Vintage Look. The matt paint is suitable for absorbent materials such as wood, rigid cardboard or clay as well as non-absorbent materials such as glass or lacquered wood.

  • water based
  • matt drying finish
  • lightly tactile
  • smear-proof
  • weather-resistant on waterproof surfaces
  • for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces

Chalky Vintage-Look preparation:

  • Stir well before use!
  • Surfaces must be free of dust and grease

Chalky Vintage-Look processing:

Chalky Vintage-Look can be rolled, painted and dabbed. The typical Shabby-Chic look is created by gentle sanding.


Chalky Vintage-Look color palette

  • 100-White100-White
  • 102-wool-white102-wool-white
  • 201-Vanilla201-Vanilla
  • 210-coral210-coral

  • 402-Antique-Rose402-Antique-Rose
  • 404-Bordeaux404-Bordeaux
  • 451-Cappuccino451-Cappuccino
  • 452-Umber452-Umber

  • 453-Taupe453-Taupe
  • 501-Lilac501-Lilac
  • 502-Mauve502-Mauve
  • 601-Light-blue601-Light-blue

  • 602-Pearl-blue602-Pearl-blue
  • 603-Smokey-blue603-Smokey-blue
  • 701-Light-green701-Light-green
  • 702-Dark-green702-Dark-green

  • 703-Aqua703-Aqua
  • 706-petrol706-petrol
  • 801-Grey801-Grey
  • 802-anthracite802-anthracite


for paper and more ...

Paper or other non-metallic substrates in rust optics, what makes you think it won´t work? With Rusty for paper you got it right! Rusty is a product for flat painting, for example, on paper and many other flat surfaces such as wood, cardboard, metal and plastic. It can be perfectly stencilled and stamped. The typical rust-effects are achieved by wiping, dabbing or applying with a spatula.

  • water resistant
  • weather-proof
  • water- / acrylate-based

Rusty preparation:

  • stir well before use!
  • apply with a sponge brush or palette knife
  • clean tools immediately with cold water

Rusty processing:

For a flat base color, Rusty is applied with a sponge brush. Special antique effects can also be achieved by partially dabbing with the 3D stamp paint. To receive a very natural antique effect, Rusty shall be applied again very thinly and partiall, and partially spread with a palette knife.

Rusty is particularly suited for designs in antique look.


Rusty Paper color palette

  • 450-Rust450-Rust
  • 452-Rust-orange452-Rust-orange




Motifs made by decoupage, for your decorative object

Place the most beautiful decoupage motifs with the Viva Decor Decoupage technique-paint on a clay pot, a ceramic vase, a wooden frame or just on a nice cardboard box, as a personal gift packaging. Napkin-Decoupage-Lacquer is a transparent varnish suitable both as a glue and as a finish.

  • water based
  • transparent when dry
  • available in semigloss or high glossy

Napkin-Decoupage-Lacquer processing:

Cut out the desired printed image area and pull away the first layer.
Then place this layer on your object and apply the Napkin-Decoupage-Lacquer with a soft, wide synthetic flat brush. The Napkin-Decoupage-Lacquer dries transparent and is thus suitable both a glue as well as a protective finish.




  • 000-semi-gloss000-semi-gloss
  • 001-gloss001-gloss


Antique look like in Rembrandt times

Antique Lacquer is a transparent primer that has the effect to tear a surface painted with acryl paint in small cracks to make it look antique.

  • water based
  • transparent, dries lightly adhesive

Antique-Lacquer preparation: Shake well before use!

Antique-Lacquer processing:

Antique-Lacquer is used as a primer for standard acrylic paints. Apply with a wide, soft, synthetic, flat brush.

Glow in the dark

Light effects as if by magic

Glow in the dark is an intense greenish phosphorescent paint used to obtain striking effects in the dark. It can be applied on many different surfaces and appears pale yellow if no previous light falls on it, and no darkness prevails all around.

  • water based
  • greenish phosporescent
  • for absorbent surfaces
  • smudge-proof

Glow in the dark preparation: Stir well before use!

Glow in the dark processing:

Apply Glow in the dark thick and evenly to obtain a smooth, fluorescent surface. Glow in the Dark can be applied with a palette knife, it can be dabbed, painted or stenciled.



For loftly spotlights

3D-Lacquer is a transparent lacquer to achieve partial 3D effects on decorating objects. The pen tip enables setting dots, lines and small areas that are wished to be accentuated in a 3D optic.

  • water based
  • for partial 3D effects
  • dries transparent

3D-Lacquer preparation: Shake well before use!

3D-Lacquer processing:

3D-Lacquer is applied directly with the pen tip from the bottle.