For highest gloss


Inka-Gold Premium is a fine paste for particularly brilliant metallic effects. Developed with nano-technology for highest gloss and more color depth; made of high-quality pigments for designing any absorbent or open-pore surfaces, such as canvas, cardboard, wood, clay, modeling pastes, and concrete.

Inka-Gold Premium is distinguished by its ease of processing. Apply - polish - it shines !

  • water-based
  • creamy consistency
  • removable in very small quantities
  • long durability

Inka-Gold Premium processing:
Apply Inka-Gold Premium with a soft flat brush or small sponge. Depending on the desired color intensity, multiple, thin coats can be applied. Inka-Gold Premium dries very quickly and can be immediately polished to high gloss, using a soft cloth or the like.

Inka-Gold Premiumcolor palette

  • 901-Gold901-Gold
  • 902-Silver902-Silver
  • 903-Copper903-Copper
  • 904-Platinum904-Platinum

  • 905-Bronze905-Bronze
  • 906-Old-silver906-Old-silver
  • 907-Rose-gold907-Rose-gold
  • 908-Old-gold908-Old-gold