Blackboard Lacquer

Convert your surface to a board surface

This easily brushed-on lacquer changes every surface into a blackboard, and after drying it can be inscribed with blackboard chalk. Blackboard Lacquer in black is a matt paint color with a high covering density.

NEW: Blackboard Lacquer transparent
The transparent lacquer also changes every colored surface into a blackboard.

  • water based
  • quick drying
  • matte after drying
  • easy to clean with a damp cloth

Blackboard Lacquer preparation: Stir well before use!

Blackboard Lacquer processing:

To receive a smooth surface that can easily be written on, apply the Blackboard-Lacquer in two steps.

Using a flat, synthetic brush, paint the color on horizontally and let dry completely.
Then paint the color on vertically and let dry.


Blackboard Lacquer color palette

  • 000-Transparent000-Transparent
  • 700-Green700-Green
  • 800-Black800-Black