Winter magic on the window pane

The creative cream changes windows for a while into magical gateways to happiness. This light, white paste is suitable, due to its creamy rigid consistency, for stenciling on vertical surfaces and can be used easily on stencils without an annoying spray. The Creative-Cream can be washed off very easily leaving no residue.

  • water based
  • for non-absorbent surfaces
  • for dabbing and stenciling
  • can be washed off very easily

Creative-Cream preparation:

  • Stir well before use!
  • surfaces must be free of dust and oil

Creative-Cream processing:

Clean the panes in advance, they must be free of dust and oil. Then fix the stencil on the window pane and apply Creative-Cream onto the free spaces of the stencil with a spatula. Remove the stencil and clean with clear water.

Tip: Creative-Cream in spring or summer
If you want to colour up your window pane in spring or summer, use our Creative-Cream Sets  "Heralds of spring" or  "Mimi + Mikey". For winterdays or Halloween we offer our sets "Winter magic" and "Halloween".