Now it´s time for Ice-Effect!

A longlasting fresh and frosty look.

With the new Ice-Effect, create refreshingly wintry effects on glass and vases. Ice-Effect is a fine paste for designing ice and snow effects on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. There is Ice-Effect in White (100) and Holo (905).

  • Water based
  • fine grained

Ice-Effect preparation: 
Stir well before use! The surface must be free of dust and grease.

Ice-Effect processing: 
Ice-Effect can be applied with a spatula, painted, spotted or stenciled, quick-dried smudge-proof and weatherproof. For a partial ice effect, apply the paste thickly with a brush; for a two-dimensional snow effect, spread the paste several times, if necessary. Clean the work materials with water.

If you like it fruity and fresh, apply Satiné Matt Glas first on the glass and then the Ice-Effect on it partially.

Ice-Effect color palette

  • 100-white100-white
  • 905-holo905-holo