Gorgeous ornaments from beads

Pearl-Pen is specially formulated to create beautiful ornaments of small and large pearls. Simply and easily by squeezing the pen you can create a wide range of different sized pearls.

  • water based
  • washable up to 30°C
  • Drying time depending on the layer thickness, from 12 to 24 hours

Pearl-Pen preparation: Shake well before use!

Pearl-Pen processing:

Apply the paint to the surface directly from the pen. It forms itself into a semi-pearl. Dry thoroughly. After full drying, iron from the reverse using light pressure. Make sure this is done on a soft subsurface, i.e. a towel. Iron at medium heat (position 2 max.). In addition we recommend placing baking or ironing paper between the semi pearl and the ply.


Pearl-Pen color palette

  • 101-Ice-white101-Ice-white
  • 102-Cream102-Cream
  • 201-Sunny-yellow201-Sunny-yellow
  • 202-Pastel-yellow202-Pastel-yellow

  • 300-Orange300-Orange
  • 301-Salmon301-Salmon
  • 400-Red400-Red
  • 401-Dark-brown401-Dark-brown

  • 404-Pastel-rose404-Pastel-rose
  • 409-Pearl-pink409-Pearl-pink
  • 500-Violett500-Violett
  • 501-Lilac501-Lilac

  • 506-Magenta506-Magenta
  • 508-Light-violet508-Light-violet
  • 600-Blue600-Blue
  • 601-Light-blue601-Light-blue

  • 650-Turquoise650-Turquoise
  • 700-Green700-Green
  • 701-Light-green701-Light-green
  • 702-Emerald702-Emerald

  • 705-Kiwi705-Kiwi
  • 708-Bermuda708-Bermuda
  • 800-Black800-Black
  • 802-Antracite802-Antracite

  • 901-Gold901-Gold
  • 902-Silver902-Silver
  • 903-Bronze903-Bronze
  • 904-Copper904-Copper

  • 905-Silver-Chrome905-Silver-Chrome
  • 933-Glitter-holo933-Glitter-holo
  • 950-Neon-yellow950-Neon-yellow
  • 951-Neon-orange951-Neon-orange

  • 953-Neon-green953-Neon-green