Modeling with Pardo and Patchy

In addition to the Pardo modeling clay and our Patchy, you will find also helpful tools and utilities in MyPardoWorld for the design of your individual jewelry and accessories.

Pardo Clay is an oven-hardening modeling clay, suitable for the creation of jewelry and accessories, allowing your creativity to run free.

Pardo is exceptionally suitable to design realistic motifs, for example, filigree decorative parts. To be used with Patchy. Pardo is simply inserted into Patchy, and, after compressing the Patchy, the material gets the desired delicate shape.

As a "tool of the year", it has received also the Innovation Award 2014 "Creative Impulse Award".

Pardo Clay

The oven-hardening modeling clay Pardo is suitable for custom-made jewelry and accessories, in the field of decoration and fashion area.

 Pardo Clay


"Tool of the Year 2014". Create natural motifs, such as filigree decorative particles, using Patchy.


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MyPardoWorld Katalog 2014

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